Terms of Use Privacy Statement
BETA and its affiliates undertake to strictly protect the privacy of the users. Such undertaking has been regarded as the basis of BETA's business as well as BETA's social responsibility. Based on such understanding, we will use our best effort to assist you control of your Internet based personal information.

Collection of your information
On BETA website, you can place an order for products or services and ask for assistance from us. You can also register request for product data or choose to become a member of a specific online community and participate in its activities. On a particular Web page, you may need to submit your personal information such as name, email address, telephone number, address, enterprise category, client's favorites and host number, and any other similar personal information which would be necessary for purpose of registration or accomplishing a service request order. The collection of such information would enable us of providing you with better online service and technical support, as well as providing off-line tracking service or activities-related award distribution services. You will have a choice as to whether or not to accept such services at your sole discretion.

The use of your information
The information provided by you will be kept as strictly confidential. BETA's use of your information will be restricted as only for purposes of obtaining better understanding of your needs, providing personalized service to you, assisting you in consummating the specific purchase, retaining a following communication relationship, providing updating service for your benefits and recommending you Websites whose services could satisfy your personalized needs.
In some specific scenarios, we may use your information to contact you with purpose to carry out market investigation or to provide you with market information which we deem might be attractive to you.

Control of the use of your information
BETA represents that it will not sell or lease to any third party of your personal information provided to BETA by registration hereof or any other approaches. If an agent of BETA has been authorized to use your personal information or any information resulted from investigation aforementioned, it shall keep such information strictly confidential and restrict its use of such information as only for purpose to the fulfillment of the services which have been authorized to it by BETA. without your prior acknowledgement and consent, BETA will not allow any use of such information except for the purpose of providing those authorized services. Your consent will be the controlling factor in such consideration. We undertake that we will not share your information with any third party who neither represents BETA nor has the duty to bound by BETA's confidentiality policy.
Meanwhile, BETA may sort out or merge the information collected from the Website with the data obtained from third parties and utilize it for purpose of promoting products or services to you.

Visit to your information
In order to protect your privacy and safety, BETA will take reasonable measures to verify the identity of any entrants to this Website. You can not access to and modify your personal information unless you pass the scrutiny of such procedure. BETA will endeavor to provide a way to visit the online personal information and registered data, and will enable you to update or modify your personal information online. The linking to any third party website is merely provided as a convenient service. BETA does not recognize any information and products obtained from such websites. Neither will BETA be responsible for any result arising from your use of such linking service. This privacy statement does not cover any information obtained from such third party website.

The safety of your information
BETA takes measures to protect the quality and completeness of the aforesaid personal identifiable information. We will take measures to protect it and prevent it from losing, being utilized by mistake, being visited without authorization or being disclosed or ruined illegally. In the company, the information is preserved in serve with password control facility thus the visit is restricted. We would try to respond to your request from time to time to rectify any mistakes of the record of your personal identifiable information. Please assist our effort to make your information exact and complete.

Special notice on the young users
BETA will try its best efforts to ensue the safety of the users of under-16 years old. We strongly advise that such a young user be accompanied by his (her) guardian when he (she) submits his (her) personal data or purchase anything from BETA website.

Cookies can be used to provide you with tailored information from a Web site. A cookie is an element of data that a Web site can send to your browser, which may then store it on your system. Some BETA pages use cookies so that we can better serve you when you return to our site. You can set your browser to notify you when you receive a cookie, giving you the chance to decide whether to accept it. Here is how to set your cookie preferences:

Netscape Navigator:
In the Edit menu, select Preferences. In the Preferences dialog box, in the left hand side menu, click on "Advanced" and 4 options concerning cookies will appear on the lowerright. Choose Help for further details. You can find more information about cookies and Netscape on the Netscape Web site.

Microsoft Internet explorer:
MSIE 6 allows you to set options for each of six privacy cookie settings: Block all Cookies; High; Medium high; Medium; Low; Accept all Cookies. For each of these settings, you can choose whether to accept, reject, or be prompted for all first and third party cookies, and to allow or not allow all session cookies. To set your cookie options, choose "Tools/Internet Options", and select the Privacy tab. Then, move the bar to one of the six cookie settings. Next, select the Advanced button, and click the Override Automatic Cookie Handling,and indicate the appropriate options.

Notification of changes
This privacy statement was last updated on 15 August, 2011-2012. A notice will be posted on our Web site home page for 30 days whenever this privacy statement is changed in a material way.

Applicable laws
The interpretation and any claim in respect of this statement shall be governed by the laws of People's Republic of China.